Monday, September 12, 2011

Nesting Season

Well, its official. I've entered the Nesting Season of my pregnancy!!!! Actually I entered it a few weeks ago, but I've been so busy I haven't been able to write about it. The urge to organize and clean areas of our house, especially Natalie's room, washed over me like a tidal wave! It was/is a major transition for me because I'm NOT a big organizing/cleaning buff, just ask friends who have lived with me, and my husband. I like things to be clean, but I may not notice that things need to be cleaned until they are pretty messy or cluttered. I think I have gotten better since being married and life has settled down, but I'm still not inclined towards cleaning and organizing. So this new found inclination/ slight obsession with organizing is shocking for me and the tricky thing is that I can't really clean and organize Natalie's room yet because we need to have a yard sale first! We are scheduled to have a yard sale Oct. 1st so until then- when all junk/treasure will be gone from our home and her room- I am at a stand still and trying not to go crazy! I've been trying to do the little bit that I can and Neil has been SUPER helpful and willing to do things with me.

A few weeks ago, we spent part of our Friday night on a project that I had been too overwhelmed to finish. Do you remember when N
eil cut down all those branches with poison ivy on them because I wanted to make a twig frame... Yeah, well the frame still hadn't happened, but we had new, poison ivy free twigs. Neil mentioned doing that project and so we tag-teamed it and finished it in an hour!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT and I had so much fun doing it with Neil. Here is the result!
This is in our laundry room- random place except that it's where we come into our house from the garage every day. p.s. Did I tell you guys we re-painted the laundry room- FINALLY! I like it much better now!

Next, we hung a painting that I have just painted in an oil painting class I took in July and August. A lady from my church teaches oil painting in her home once a week and I started taking classes and really enjoyed it! I hope to take the class again once we save up some more money for it. Neil has been really sweet and encourag
ing about the painting and was eager to hang it up in our living room! We hung it up this past week and he has been enjoying it since.

Last, but not least is a picture of the chaos in Natalie's room that I can't wait to get under control!!!!! (Actually it's one view of the room, there is a little more chaos behind the door and I didn't have time to get a picture of it.)

Wish us luck on getting everything cleaned out before January!

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