Friday, January 14, 2011

My New Addiction

My newest addiction is making burp cloths for my pregnant friends. I learned how to do it at my friend Lacy's Baby Shower for her littlest, Noelle. The basics are SUPER easy and then you can add your own little flair from there. I've been attempting burp cloths for about a year, but my first attempt was tricky since I didn't really know what I was doing! I learned a lot at Lacy's shower and found this way that makes it SO much easier to do. I would never have thought about using cloth diapers! I guess since I'm not a momma I don't really think about diapers at all. Since Lacy's shower this past summer, burp cloths have been my present to my pregnant friends. I enjoy making something for them that is fun, but still practical. I also try to find something little on their registry to give as well since it has things they most need. But if you are pregnant and you are my friend, plan on getting burp cloths from me. This is the first time I've had the forethought to take pictures of the ones I make to share with you guys. These three are for a baby shower I am attending tomorrow for my friend Ashley. She is naming her little girl, Karis Addelyn. I LOVE THE MIDDLE NAME! Her husband saw it somewhere and they both liked it.

I think my favorite of these three is the middle one because I wanted to try something that had a little 'pop' off of the burp cloth. I tried these 'flowers' with some red fleece fabric and pink thread I had on hand. I love the way it turned out, it was the exact effect I was hoping to achieve. There will definitely be more like this one in the future- which is next week since I have another baby shower next weekend. Yep, 3 baby showers in ONE MONTH!!!!!! Which means 3 friends with newborns NEXT MONTH! May 2010 must have been pretty busy for them. ;)

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  1. They look GREAT! I LOVE the rosettes! Very chic for a burp cloth! You should sell them on etsy. :)

    I love you!!