Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why Peas 'N' Carrots?

Why? I'm so sure many inquiring minds you like to know, Why? did you title your blog "Peas 'N' Carrots"? I would love to know why you think I named the blog this. Maybe you think, "Hm, she and her husby must like peas and carrots..." or "Is it because she has "orange" hair?" (which to this question, I say MY HAIR is RED PEOPLE! oooh! i like that the underline is in red too! how fun!) Another question could possibly be- "Are they vegetarians?" Which to this I would sadly say no. Husby wouldn't appreciate it too much if we were. However, the answer is quite simple and boring really. On our wedding day our friend Lex, our photographer friend's husband, said we were like 'peas and carrots', two good things (depending on your taste) that go even better together. I really liked that he called us that and so we say it to each other sometimes in our really sickly sweet moments together and thats how it became my blog title. Two good* things that are better together. Just like 'oreos and milk' or 'peanut butter and jelly' (except for husby is pb and honey, ick) or 'cake and ice cream'. The list could go on I'm sure, but the point is peas and carrots go good together and so do my husband and I. He is SUCH a great balance for me, remember the turtle and hare?. He is patient, kind, discerning, wise, fun, AND FUNNY! And he likes me and I like him. I like being married (which I wasn't sure if I would) and want to "talk"/write about being married and how thankful I am that the Lord gave me the BEST husband for me! We are newlyweds and have been married for only 9 months (almost) so many would chalk up my enthusiasm for marriage to being a newlywed, but I don't think it is. I believe that marriage is a gift from the Lord, created by Him for us in his kindness to bring intimacy, joy, growth, and companionship. And for that I am thankful.

* good- not that husby nor i are good. we are both sinners saved by God's grace alone in Christ and anything 'good' in us is from God at work in us. just so you know.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I married a turtle and I love it

I am married to a turtle. He is slow in eating, talking, his morning routine, driving, and the biggie: DECISIONS . I consider myself to be the hare. I eat quickly, talk rapidly, am fairly quick with my mornings, have to use cruise control religiously when I drive so I don't speed, and am pretty rash when it comes to making decisions. I think our life regularly can be described by the old children's story of The Turtle and the Hare. I am thankful for my turtle of a husband because he is very wise, patient, and steady. I can trust his leadership and he brings rest to my life and our home. I continually see God's perfect care for me in being married to my turtle-y husband. Husby is definitely God's perfect gift for me in marriage. Sometimes I fail to see his turtliness as a gift and become impatient with him. Sometimes I wish he would be more like a hare. However, I see that when my "wish" is granted its usually to our detriment AND its selfish. I LOVE my husband and his turtle like qualities. Thats all I wanted to say.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Late Bloomer

So, I did it. Here I am world, a blogger.
I'd thought I'd NEVER live to see the day that I would have a blog. Neither did husby (my husband). I know this blogging frenzy has been going on for severl years now and I'm just getting around to being involved. I feel like this instant is a common example of my life. I would say in some ways I am a 'late bloomer'. Not in the physical ways- I started wearing a bra right along with my other friends and had my first "monthly visit" in 6th grade, too much information? No? Yes? Well, I promise I'll keep things tame. I would claim to be a 'late bloomer' because it takes me awhile to warm up to the current trends or to even recognize the current trends. I usually am just a casual observer of trends and occasionally I'll take the risk and try a trend as soon as it comes out. Like when Keds were cool, or Daisy Dukes, or glittery eye shadow or even the 'Rachel' haircut from early Friends. How about the past few years, leggings under dresses, belts over sweaters and cardigans, cardigans, ruffles on shirts, and husby's favorite: FLANNEL. I'm pretty current now, my mother-in-law bought me a flannel shirt for christmas, I occasionally sport leggings with dresses and heels, and the cardigan will forever be a staple in my closet. Anyway,now I have warmed up to the current trend of blogging, hopefully it doesn't go out of style soon, which ususally happens when I finally clue into or get brave enough to try a fashion trend.
These are the reasons why I now have a blog:
  • I would say the Lord changed my heart even on something as "insignificant" as a blog. I really do think he warmed my heart up do this.
  • I see it as a way to keep in touch with friends from college and to share my life with them. I have several dear friends that have blogs and I enjoy reading thiers and keeping up with thier lives and hearts through the blogs.
  • I think blogs are fun and great for people who want to keep friends and family involved with the 'day to day' of life.
  • Its also great for those who love writing and are able to quench thier writing thirst by keeping a blog.

Now, reasons why I never wanted a blog:

  • I do not love writing and have no need to quench the writing thrist.
  • I prefer talking and will talk forever, and writing wears me out. So we will see where this blog goes.
  • I'M TERRIBLE with grammer. I don't know the proper rules for using colons, semi-colons, dashes, or whatever other puncs. there are. I know how to end sentences properly and for everything else inbetween there is the catch all comma. I'm afraid readers will only be critquing my horrible grammar. And my poor spelling. Therefore, I would feel completely hindered to ever express myself or share my life because of fear of man. How lame.
  • A blog seems too overwhelming for me and the thought of keeping up with a blog stressed me out. So why in the world am I subjecting myself to perceived stress? Well, I'm still trying to figure that one out...

Until then, whoever reads this, I hope you like me. :)

p.s. I really just want to decorate my page but I don't know how, I'll take ANY help I can get!