Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Developments

First big development is that we have named our little Roo!!!!!!! Our little girl's name is:

Natalie Jane

We both loved the name Natalie and Jane means, "God is gracious" and we believe that God is being VERY gracious to us by giving us the pregnancy and baby girl!

Today I start 19 weeks (4 1/2 months!) and still feel great. I have noticed in the last several days that I can feel the weight of my belly more. I definitely notice that I want to hold onto the bottom of my belly because it feels kind of tight. I caught myself in the mirror the other day and did a double take because for the first time I th
ought I actually looked pregnant and not fat! It was really cool for me to be able to tell the difference physically and mentally. Neil had been saying for about 2 weeks before that I looked pregnant to him even when others weren't sure.

Second, I also started wearing my fi
rst maternity shirt YESTERDAY & TODAY (same outfit, don't judge)!!!! I realized that some of the clothes I was given are spring/summer clothes and if I don't wear them now I won't be able to wear them! I can still wear all my regular shirts just fine but I bet I'm probably unknowingly stretching them out. Why am I doing that when I have good clothes that are designed to be worn when pregnant! I'm sure some of my avoidance was probably pride that I could still fit into my regular clothes pretty easily.
(Ah, sin, don't you love it...)

The third big development is that I started to feel Natalie move!!!!!! Last Thursday afternoon, start of 18 weeks, I was sitting on the couch when I felt this little, subtle 'pop' almost like a bubble gently popping inside me. I stopped and started talking to Natalie asking if that was her I felt, but I wasn't sure. I mentioned it to Neil later that night, but said I wasn't sure and it could have been nothing. He was so excited about the thought it! Then on Saturday his parents were in town at the house and his mom asked me if I had felt the baby move yet and I described to her what I felt and she confirmed that it was Natalie moving! There have been a few times where the movement has been just big enough for me to gently feel on the outside, but Neil hasn't been able to feel anything yet. I CAN'T WAIT until he can start feeling her! He is eagerly and patiently waiting also!

The fourth and final big development that we just decided on yesterday was to switch our doctor and therefore switch our hospital! I liked my previous doctor just fine and we would have delivered at 'THE HOSPITAL' in town. It seems like most people I know have delivered there and all I hear is how nice the labor and delivery wing is there. I been there and it is REALLY NICE. People have jokingly referred to it as 'The Hilton of Babies'. However,
we are leaning towards having a natural labor and delivery and it didn't seem like the hospital and doctor I was with could really accommodate our preferences. I still want to be at a hospital with a doctor because I feel comfortable and safe with that route. There is a hospital in town that does have more experience and options for natural birth and a friend of my recommended her OB. Neil and I met with him yesterday and we were SO encouraged! He was very vocal with us about his faith in the Lord and seems to be a strong believer. He encouraged us several times with perspective on God's sovereignty over Natalie's life and the birth. Also in the 35+ years that he has practiced he has only missed 5 births! He has a very gentle and joyful presence and we are excited about him being our doctor! Even in the last week I have heard more and more people mention this hospital in passing and each person had RAVING things to say about this hospital! It seems like the Lord is leading us and confirming things for us! I think some people think we are crazy to switch doctors and hospitals in the middle of pregnancy, but the process and logistics of it don't bother me and I have more peace believing that I'm trusting and following the Lord than if I lean on my own understanding and a trend of what 'everyone i know is doing'. Sometimes leaning on that trend is a wise thing to do, but not for us in this case.

Lastly, I keep forgetting to share these few pictures of the first few 'outfits' for Natalie. The pack of sleepers I bought on the day we found out we were having a girl. The single, green sleeper was given to me by a friend at Hope, the crisis preg
nancy center I volunteer at during the week. I love that is says in the corner, "mommy's little dear" and it has a deer on it. Play on words crack me up!

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