Monday, February 7, 2011

You NEED this c.d. TRUST ME

Come Weary Saints
It has ministered to my soul so much when waiting for children has proven to be a trial.
The songs are a perfect mix of recognizing my struggle with my circumstances, weary faith, and roller coaster emotions while pointing me to God's Word and refreshing me with the truth that I will rejoice and can rejoice during this time.
I've had it for awhile and have continued to be comforted with songs like:
Hide Away in the Love of Jesus
Oh, the Deep Deep Love
You Have Always Been Faithful
Healing in Your Wings
and I Have a Shelter

I'm challenged by songs like:
As Long as You are Glorified
and It is Not Death to Die

and I these songs help me claim the Truth:
So I Will Trust You
Through the Precious Blood
and Joy in My Morning


Tommy Fest 9

The time I bowled a 103 in Elizabethtown (E-town), KY

This past weekend was a milestone for me.
Neil's parents (especially his dad) love these two acoustic guitar players: Doyle Dykes and Tommy Emmanuel. They were playing in Elizabethtown, KY this past weekend at Tommy Fest 9 which is this 'music festival' that they put on each year and Tommy comes and performs 3 shows and also teaches a few clinics. It's a pretty big deal, not just for E-town, but I think also for the acoustic guitar community. Anyway Neil's parents bought tickets and over Christmas Break they invited us to go with them. It was SO kind of them to invite us along! Neil shares his dad's admiration of Doyle Dykes and would listen to his cds while studying in college. So Neil was pretty excited (well, as excited as Neil gets) about going and I was happy to go along since I knew Neil was looking forward to it. I had no idea what to expect since I don't usually listen to instrumental music and was determined to not be bored, which I can selfishly let sink in when I don't understand something or it isn't 'my kind of thing'.

We left from Neil's parents house Saturday morning around10:00 and drove up through back roads to Elizabethtown. It was a very pretty drive, though overcast and cold, but Ginger and I enjoyed the scenery and imagining what it would be like to live in each little town we drove through. We got to Elizabethtown around 2:00 and have time to spare. Craig, Neil's dad, and Neil had each tried to find something to do since we would be there so early on Saturday, but it is safe to say that Elizabethtown isn't a metropolis, though the biggest town we came to between Crossville and E-town itself and despite there is a movie titled Elizabethtown. *Side note: I saw the movie a few years ago when it came out and I don't know what it had to do with the town, but I liked all the actors who played in it.* So, Neil's parents came up with bowling since that was really our only option with it being SO COLD outside. Off we went to E-town Lanes. Now, I am NOT a bowler. I enjoy bowling, but I am consistently the lowest scorer out of the group when I do bowl. BUT NOT ON SATURDAY! It was the dawn of a new day for me and bowling. My first turn up I bowled a STRIKE! I was surprised and then thought, oh great its all downhill from here! We bowled three games, again lots of time to spare, and I got 2nd place twice and 3rd once. I was actual pretty consistent for not knowing what I was doing, but trying to look like I knew what I was doing. On the last game, last frame, Craig told me that if I knocked down 6 or 7 pins I would break 100. I was SO NERVOUS, I've NEVER been that close before! I got a strike! My final score for that game was 103. I took a picture with my phone to memorialize the occasion. Craig, by the way, has the smoothest bowling arm I've ever seen! It's how a professional bowler would bowl, I was mesmerized.
Afterward, we went to eat and had some good home cooking at this family owned restaurant there in E-town. Then off we went to the concert. It was at this performing arts center that is connected to the high school there in county. It was a BEAUTIFUL building! The auditorium was huge and really nice. We had REALLY great seats, dead center. The concert was REALLY GREAT! I have a new appreciation for what a musician can do with an instrument. Tommy Emmanuel was FANTASTIC and it was obvious that he is a 'big deal' in the music world and why. It was fascinating what he could do with the guitar. He has sanded down the end of his guitar and will rub it to created this really cool sound and he knows all the right places to hit and pick his guitar to make certain sounds and create really pretty music. He does covers and has also written his own music. Plus, he sang a LOT more than I was expecting so that helped ignorant novices like me engage with his music. Doyle was very fun to watch as well. Though, not as talented at Tommy, he is still a VERY talented guitar player. He also sang more than I was expecting and even had his daughter, Haley, come out and sing and play the mandolin. I REALLY like her music. Doyle was also very open with his faith and love for Jesus which was really encouraging. The show lasted till 10:30pm! I was SO tired, but really enjoyed it and am so thankful for Neil's parents inviting us along!