Monday, February 7, 2011

You NEED this c.d. TRUST ME

Come Weary Saints
It has ministered to my soul so much when waiting for children has proven to be a trial.
The songs are a perfect mix of recognizing my struggle with my circumstances, weary faith, and roller coaster emotions while pointing me to God's Word and refreshing me with the truth that I will rejoice and can rejoice during this time.
I've had it for awhile and have continued to be comforted with songs like:
Hide Away in the Love of Jesus
Oh, the Deep Deep Love
You Have Always Been Faithful
Healing in Your Wings
and I Have a Shelter

I'm challenged by songs like:
As Long as You are Glorified
and It is Not Death to Die

and I these songs help me claim the Truth:
So I Will Trust You
Through the Precious Blood
and Joy in My Morning


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