Monday, June 20, 2011

Redeemed Day

Friday May 13, 2011
The Redeemed Day
For as long as I can remember people have talked about "Friday the 13th" as a day of horror, superstition, and bad luck. Many people may really be anxious about Friday the 13th if they have ever experienced anything bad happening to them on this day specifically or they may be anxious about the possibility of something bad happening to them because it is Friday the 13th.
Well, Neil and I don't believe in superstition or become anxious about Friday the 13th and we may not even notice it is Friday the 13th, but we might from now on...

Friday the 13th has become a redeemed day for us, a day of answered prayer that we don't deserve. On Friday the 13th we found out that
we are PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, only I am pregnant, but you know what we mean. We were BEYOND SHOCKED when the two pregnancy tests came out positive. Yes, two, well o.k. actually three total because we took another one- a different brand- later. We didn't take the test thinking I was pregnant, but as a formality to say we weren't pregnant so we could schedule an appointment with a specialist. Well, no appointment necessary. We are amazed at God's faithfulness to us! I am especially amazed and humbled as I see how unfaithful I am to God. Not that being pregnant would have been a 'reward' for any great faith I had- if I had had it. When we were able to go to the doctor for an ultrasound, they confirmed I was 8 weeks along (well the baby was, but you know what I mean). We are amazed to look back and see how God was silently at work in my body and we had NO IDEA!!!! In fact we thought NOTHING was happening since my cycles never regulated and it never seemed like I was ovulating! I am so encouraged to know that I really can't lean on my own understanding and there will continue to be SO MUCH that I will never understand. We are so thankful and so humbled by this answered prayer.

I am now 11weeks and 5 days along and we just had an ultrasound. Everything was great and we got to see the baby move some and 'his' (general term so we don't call the baby 'it'.) heartbeat!!!!!!!! It has still been so humbling for me to see the heartbeat and hear the baby is healthy because I can so easily fear and expect the worse. I'm fighting for faith to believe I can trust the Lord for this baby's life, however long it is, because God has created this baby and placed him in my womb. God is knitting this baby together and God has numbered this baby's days. This baby is God's baby first and God has graciously given him to us thus far and we do not deserve it. We are so thankful and look forward to meeting our baby in early January!

p.s. I don't think that the 13th was a 'redeemed day' because I 'got what I wanted' or 'the wait is over', but that something great happened on a day when only bad things are suppose to happen.

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